What is Off-The-Plan Conveyancing?

If you’re thinking of buying Off-The-Plan property in Brisbane or its inner suburbs you might want to think about speaking to a conveyancing lawyer before signing any documentation. There are always pros and cons to every choice we make which can include little unforeseen issues to trip you up turning a dream into a strenuous experience.

This is where your local Off-The-Plan Conveyancing experts at Spot On Conveyancing can be of real assistance. We are in tune with how Off-The-Plan purchases work and will provide you with concise, professional advice aimed to help you make an informative decision based on facts.

When you buy Off-The-Plan, essentially you are buying directly from the developer before the property has even been completed. You will typically only be viewing your new property from a plan. If you are someone who has trouble in visualising the final product you need to make sure that you are getting the property you want.

What do we offer?

An experienced conveyancing lawyer from Spot On Conveyancing will personally check closely your contract to determine the following in relation to your intended purchase:

  • Can the developer make you take another property in lieu of your chosen one?
  • Will your finances be available on time, particularly if the building is finished early?
  • Are changes to the units finishes possible to allow customization?
  • Whether there are penalties, if you withdraw from the contract?
  • Are changes to the units finishes possible to allow customisation?
  • Where in exactly is the property going to be?
  • What are the finishes in the property?
  • Can the developer delay settlement?
  • How will payment be staggered?

Spot On Conveyancing will advise you on all your rights in relation to the contract, the developers expectations and more.


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