Do’s and Don’ts for Conveyancing in Brisbane

Spot On Conveyancing is a leader in overseeing any type of conveyancing matter for clients buying or selling real estate in South East Queensland, including commercial and domestic. We cover from Moreton Bay in the north to the Gold Coast in the south and west to Ipswich. Our office is contactable 24/7 to ensure that any questions you may have in regard to your sale or purchase can be answered without delay.

Spot On Conveyancing have a reputation of being thorough and meticulous ensuring that our clients entitlements are being upheld at all times. At Spot On Conveyancing we pride ourselves on offering a fixed price conveyancing service. This enables you to budget for all your costs allowing you to relax knowing that you won’t be confronted by unexpected additions. Following we offer a list of do’s and don’ts when securing the services of a conveyancer.

Do’s and Don’ts for Conveyancing

  • Do communicate clearly and remain in contact with your conveyancer to ensure you are kept up-to-date with progress
  • Do consult your conveyancer to make sure that any conditions are clearly identified on the contract prior to signing
  • Do your homework into a suitable conveyancer and have them check over your contract prior to signing
  • Do make sure that your conveyancer is licenced to operate within Queensland
  • Do make sure that you know what services your conveyancer will provide
  • Don’t sign a contract lightly, they are binding and enforceable
  • Don’t assume that all conveyancers are going to offer the same price and level of service
  • Don’t attempt to carry out conveyancing on your own. There are many intricate and legal obstacles that need to be negotiated for successful settlement

At Spot On conveyancing we understand the importance of every element which is involved in the process of transferring ownership and we take pride in ensuring that our clients have a smooth settlement process.

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