DIY Conveyancing: Not such a great idea after all

DIY Conveyancing

DIY conveyancing kits and forms are readily available online. If you’ve found Spot On’s site through an online search, it’s likely you encountered ads and articles about DIY conveyancing along the way of your cyber travels.

You might also have been tempted by the thought of saving money. But it would surely be a a false economy to place your most valuable asset at risk. DIY conveyancing carries high, and to most of us, unacceptable risks.

Professional Conveyancing lawyers like at Spot On have years of training and experience. The services that qualified lawyers provide are not inexpensive, but they do represent good value. Using a cookie-cutter DIY kit could leave you exposed to unacceptable risk to do with what is probably your most valuable asset.

You risk your sale falling through if you are a seller and your purchase being a dud if you are a buyer. Go it alone and you have no support if and when things go wrong.

Property law and the requirements for conveyancing are constantly changing, and it is our business to keep abreast of these changing conditions. You may not know when your DIY Kit was created and what myriad factors you need to be across when you attempt to do your own conveyancing.

We are accustomed to dealing with the range of professionals whose work intersects with our own, such as mortgage brokers, property inspectors, real estate agents and banking professionals.

Having a professional conveyancing lawyer handle your property transactions will also save you stress. We not only have the skills, qualifications and experience to do the job effectively and safely, we also have record-keeping systems in place. With DIY conveyancing, you risk overwhelming yourself with paperwork and record-keeping.

DIY conveyancing could really only be a recommended choice if you absolutely cannot afford legal services. Thankfully, this rarely arises as sellers can pay from the proceeds of the sale and buyers can pay by making the conveyancing costs part of the total price of purchase.

Don’t place your most valuable asset at risk. Contact us today for professional services you can trust.