When purchasing “off the plan”, you are buying property (land, or a strata title unit / town house) that doesn’t yet have a separate title. It is essential when buying off the plan conveyancing is engaged to ensure that your contract for purchase is checked carefully. There are laws that apply to these types of transactions that require the seller to disclose information to the buyer. If a seller hasn’t complied with these requirements, there may be a right to terminate the contract or the sale may be delayed. Off the plan purchase contracts are notoriously long and detailed; our conveyancing service can assist by providing you with clear advice about your rights and obligations under the contract.

Spot On Conveyancing is experienced in providing off the plan conveyancing services for buyers and sellers (developers). We can navigate the legislation and paperwork around off the plan transactions and avoid the additional costs and delays that may result from lack of attention to detail. Hold ups due to failure to comply with conditions can often result in additional costs, so it is important that you use a conveyancing solicitor with knowledge of off the plan conveyancing transactions.

We act for you, and will protect your interests in your off the plan property transaction. We know that each of our clients have unique circumstances and needs, so our advice is tailored to your situation. Spot On Conveyancing’s solicitors are experts in providing practical advice on complex property matters in clear simple terms, ensuring you understand the process of moving towards settlement of an off the plan transaction.

We’ll communicate with you all the way through, so you always know where your transaction is up to and what needs to happen next. There can often be a time lapse between the initial contract and the settlement of an off the plan transaction; we manage all the paperwork right from contract through to settlement, allowing you to be confident that your transaction is in good hands.