We offer a fixed price conveyancing service for purchase of a house, unit or vacant land for just $930 Incl. GST, inclusive of standard searches and professional fees.

Standard searches for purchase include:

  • Title search
  • Title plan image
  • Land tax search
  • Final title search

Other optional searches and outlays will be provided at cost price as directed by you.

When you use our fixed price conveyancing service, your experienced conveyancing professional will take care of your transaction through the following process:

  • The contract of sale is received from the seller or their agent;
  • We peruse the contract and advise you of your rights and obligations and offer you independent advice. This includes calculating due dates. We can also advise you of any concessions you may be eligible for (e.g. first home concession, home concession etc.);
  • We order the necessary searches for the buyer and peruse them and advise you on your rights, once you sign the relevant form and place money in our trust account;
  • We advise you of any conditions that you or the seller need to meet, and ensure all contract conditions are satisfied when they fall due;
  • Once the offer is unconditional, we prepare for settlement. We work with your financier to confirm the amount being borrowed and that they are ready for settlement, and prepare the settlement statement which shows the total funds required from the buyer at settlement.
  • We attend to settlement, and advise you when settlement is completed
  • Where necessary, we attend to any post-settlement requirements.

A fixed price conveyancing structure ensures that you know exactly what the cost will be from the outset, allowing you to calculate your purchase costs with no nasty surprises. Our conveyancing lawyers ensure that you receive expert services at an affordable all-inclusive price.

We act for you, and will protect your interests in your property purchase. Our conveyancing services are available when you need them. You can call Spot On Conveyancing 24 hours a day, giving you confidence that our services will be available when it’s important to you.