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Our professional conveyancing Gold Coast solicitors have many years of experienced in the intricate and complex matters of transferring ownership of property from one individual or group of people to another. Some believe that conveyancing is no longer a specialist avenue of the legal professional and has been reduced to an administrative process not requiring a lawyer’s attention.

As professional conveyancers we implore you not to get lost in this fallacy. Conveyancing needs to follow a systematic process to ensure transfer occurs and all documentation is lodged on time, eliminating problems or discrepancies down the track. Spot On Conveyancing is a team of dedicated professionals consisting of licensed and registered law professionals who specialise in the branch of law known as conveyancing. Backed up by highly experienced administrative personnel you can rely upon us to guarantee that your settlement will receive the attention it deserves.


If you are buying property for the first time or for the hundredth time the process of conveyancing does not change. You may feel that you are qualified and confident in tackling the process yourself, however you can caught up in the legal pitfalls which can occur at any stage through the settlement process. These may end up costing you more than if you had engaged a team of professional conveyancers in the first instance.


Usually much easier than the buying process you still need to ensure transfer occurs correctly otherwise you may be held liable for anything which occurs. Spot On Conveyancing Gold Coast specialists will manage your sale from contact through to settlement lodging all documentation and administering to all the legal technicalities and intricacies which need to be managed.

We specialise in all types of conveyancing including residential & commercial, off-the-plan, apartment and more. Contact Spot On Conveyancing for a free no obligation quote!