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How does conveyancing work?

Purchasing a house can be a fun and exciting time, whether this is your first time or you are an old pro, it may help to know a few things about how Queensland conveyancing works and the benefits of hiring a professional conveyancer.

As a buyer the first thing you need to do is find a suitable piece of land, established house or house and land package and through negotiations agree on a price. This will be different if you are the seller, you will immediately go to the agreeing on a price stage. This is usually done in liaison with a real estate agent.  Please note as a buyer, that the real estate agent is working for the seller and will try to negotiate the best price possible for the seller.

Once a price has been agreed upon you will be asked to sign contracts. It is, at this stage you will see the benefits of having a professional conveyancer who specialising in Queensland real estate ready to go. As professional conveyancers Spot On Conveyancing – Brisbane can provide you with advice on what conditions, if any need to be stipulated on your contract. If there are no conditions and you come across problems during the course of settlement, you may find it very difficult to get out of a contract.

Once the contract is signed there are strict timelines where every aspect of the settlement needs to be completed by, this includes organising searches, lodging papers for the transfer, obtaining finance, and meeting any conditions as stipulated.

A conveyancer can ease the burden throughout this process as we are skilled and experienced in knowing how, when and where everything needs to be done by ensuring that all times lines are adhered to. We are also experienced in identifying any potential issues that may arise and notifying you.

Throughout the settlement period we will keep in constant contact with you sending reminders to ensure that all key elements are completed on time and everything is ready to go for settlement day. On settlement day one of our staff will organise settlement and transfer on your behalf.

The benefits of using a skilled Queensland conveyancing company such as Spot On Conveyancing – Brisbane is knowing that everything will be done in a professional and systematic manner to avoid any unforeseen problems. You can do all this conveyancing yourself, but let’s face it who has the time to ensure that the complex process of conveyancing is completed allowing a smooth settlement.

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