How Queensland Conveyancing Works?

Explaining how Queensland Conveyancing Works

Your Dream Home is within reach. Only one more hurdle till ownership is yours.


Conveyancing is the formal finalisation and transfer for ownership from the vendor (seller) to the purchaser(buyer). As a legal process it is advisable to use the skilled expertise of a qualified and experienced Queensland conveyancing lawyer. This is no obligatory, however there are many pitfalls which can catch even the most experienced property investor off guard.


To streamline the process and take the frustration out of your new home ownership leave it in the hands of the experts. Licensed and skilled legal practitioners from Spot On conveyancing will manage all the Queensland Conveyancing needs for any purchase or sale.


A conveyancer is engaged, preferably before you sign any contracts. Your Queensland conveyancing expert will look over the contract ensuring there are no areas of contention or concern and advise you on the addition of conditions which may affect whether you can successfully complete your purchase or sale. These can include things like;

  • Subject to finance
  • Subject to satisfactory building and pest inspections

Other conditions may be relevant to your particular circumstance and should be discussed at this initial stage before signing. If you sign before your conveyancer has had the opportunity to review your contract you may be locking yourself into a contract with no chance of rescinding.


Your Queensland conveyancing specialist will manage all the legal requirements of your transfer, deciphering all the legal jargon, organising searches, liaising with the other parties conveyancer or solicitor, lodging documents for transfer, organising settlement, liaising with lenders and more.

The convenience of engaging a qualified and certified conveyancer is the peace of mind you obtain knowing that a team of professionals is managing your sale or purchase with efficiency and attention to detail.